Regarding buying your drum set: You will either buy an electronic kit or an acoustic kit. If you need to control the potential noise, electronic would be a good choice. If you really want an acoustic kit and need to control volume, rubber pads (sound offs) can be put on top of the heads. Buying a new drum set is nice but I believe buying used via Craigslist is wiser. You have a chance of finding a better deal with extras thrown in and the possibility of scoring on quality cymbals. There is a great range in cymbal prices (box cymbals; semipro and hand picked cymbals; pro level) The cymbals I have are all pro quality. However, while searching on Craigslist, you should have a good idea what drums and cymbals actually cost. Feel free to send me links for me to evaluate. Here is a short list of the major players in the market to get you started.
  • DRUMS: Pearl, Yamaha, Tama, Mapex, Dw, PDP
  • CYMBALS: Zildjian, Sabian
There are many other companies as well but are not as well known. Going to some popular websites such as Cascio Interstate, Musician 123, Musicians Friend , and Guitar Center will let you see prices.

Electronic kits start around $500 but you get what you pay for. To get something decent, you will need to pay more. The major manufacturers to look for are Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis.

You will need to buy your own set of drumsticks. When you start shopping, you will notice there is an overwhelming number and types of drum sticks. I will help you choose after our first lesson. Some helpful articles for you to read are:

There are numerous drum magazines out there. Good idea to visit the library first. Among the many out there, I recommend that you subscribe to Modern Drummer magazine. Your next question is likely to be "Where can I get a list of good drummers so I can watch and learn from them?" The list is huge. Suffice it to say that you can get a lot of informatin from the Drummer World website.

Sometimes it helps to actually look at drums and accessories (usually a good idea to leave your credit card at home on the first visit round.) Here are some local stores, some sell used equipment.


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