The tuition is a single fee per month for one 30 minute leasson each week (regardless of how many weeks per month).
  • Payment is due the first week/lesson of the month.
  • You can pay by check or cash. A $15 dollar fee will be imposed for bounced checks. You can also arrange bank auto pay (your bank mails me a check), simply supply your bank with my address and 1st of the month issue date.
  • For new students the 1st month and last month tuition is required. The last month tuition will be reimbursed if the student gives a 1 month termination notice.

Four lessons are mandatory per month. If you have a 5 week month, one of the lesson days will be taken off at teacher's discretion, normally the last week of month or to cover a holiday. Instruction runs September through August with the month of July off.

The 3 major holidays of Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years day will not be made up. If your lesson falls on one of these days, your monthly tuition is reduced by $20. Instruction will be held on all other holidays. If either party chooses to take any of those days off, a make up lesson will be scheduled in the future.

Notification of cancellation must be done no later than 2 hrs before the lesson ( The day before or earlier is much more preferred). When you notify me to cancel, provide alternate time(s) you can make it, preferably within a day of your lesson. I will then reply with a reschedule time. If it is not possible to agree to a time, your lesson time will be extended in the future to resolve the time. If there is no attempt to resolve the time when cancelling the lesson, I will assume you do not desire to makeup the time and your paid time will be lost. No shows will simply be a lost lesson. Text, email or cell phone communication is the best form to stay in touch with me. I check my email/text messages quite often during the day and will get the message. After 2:00pm I will most likely be teaching other students and will not answer my phone, text messages are preferred.

The makeup record is accurately managed on a DB and will be granted as soon as possible at an agreed time. Please trust that I am accurately noting any makeup time which is when you notify me. Makeup time will not be noted or granted if you do not contact me. Most of the time I will contact you shortly before your lesson to come early or stay late to execute makeup time. Generally, a makeup will be resolved within the current or following month, sometimes longer. Make up lessons can be executed 3 different ways:
  • Doubling your time at the lesson if time permits (30 min lessons only)
  • Adding 15 min to your lesson time until the time is resolved
  • Additional day
Planning ahead such as having a makeup time before your absence is very helpful. Some students opt to give up the paid time due to demanding schedules and thus "gift&guot; the time to me. If this is the case, please make that clear to me. In the event, I, the teacher would need time off, makeup time will be scheduled or a credit will be issued. The credit will be at a prorated rate reflective of your monthly tuition.

When holidays and school breaks occur, (winter/spring) lessons will still be executed, if necessary, with special scheduling. In the event instruction would be canceled because of a holiday or for personal reasons, a make up lesson will be scheduled, usually on one of the free days in the month, on another day or adding more time on another lesson(s) until paid time is resolved.

Many students go on vacation for extended time, mostly in July, some in June and August. Therefore, the whole month of July will be taken off and payment will be waived for July (see table above). This will allow me to take a vacation in July as well. Special blocks of time will be created in July to resolve summer makeup time from Jun or Aug or prior makeup time. If all makeup time can not be resolved in July, the time will be resolved later. Classes will resume in Sept and the new monthly/quarterly/yearly payment schedule will start back up at that time. Returning in September without agreeing to pay for June or Aug will result in a registration fee $20 greater than you normal monthly tuition and there will be no guarantee your slot will be held. If June and Aug are not paid for, those 2 months will be paid in full plus the Sept tuition upon your return. Paying for the 2 months in advance will hold your slot. If payment is not made, your slot will be given up to new students coming in if needed and another time slot will have to be agreed on.

As a common courtesy, a one month advanced notice is required if you are quitting or taking time off for any reason. We should all try to maintain relationships and not burn bridges. Make ups will be resolved as much as possible during the last month of instruction and/or saved until your return. If you do not return at the agreed time, any pending make ups will be erased. If you quit without advance notice, any residual makeup time will be erased. Excessive cancellations, breaks or no shows are subject to dropping the student and any residual makeup time will be erased. If you need to suspend your lessons and want to hold your time slot, payment is required to do so for the time you are away. There is no refund for a student quitting or suspending in the middle of the quarter. In the unlikely event I stop instruction, you will have 30 days from the time I stop teaching to resolve any pending makeup time.

Remember, the more time you put into learning the art of drumming, the better you will be. Learning any musical instrument requires a great deal of sacrifice and requires more time than you might think.

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