Lesson Basics

  • I normally set up a lesson for you each week starting at 30 minutes per session.
  • Initial cost for books, drum pad, drum sticks, handouts, and notebook will be about $60.
  • You will need a drum set. Review the resource link and we will discuss after your first few lessons.

Rescheduling, Cancelations, etc:
See policy details.

How Do I Get Started?
Call me or send me email, that information is on the contact page .


Curriculum (what will be taught)

  Stick Control:
This is the first thing you will be introduced to. Sticking and reading exercises come next. This will be done by reading exercises from books. The 7 essential rudiments will also be introduced.

Rudiments are the basic drum patterns that form the core vocabulary of drumming. The 40 internationally recognized rudiments will be covered over time.

Drum Beats:
You will first learn a few basic drum beats and experience playing with familiar songs. After that, more complex drumbeats involving independence and syncopation will be introduced. Styles covered are Rock, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, and Afro-Cuban.

Drum Set Performance and Playing Songs:
Once you have basic proficiency of the above, I will take you through several songs, working on the balance and technique to play them properly and professionally. This will prepare you to play with others in a band.


General Advice

  Do some soul searching to find out if you really want to be a drummer. If your parents need to push (or sometimes shove you into practicing) then there is something wrong. You probably shouldn't pursue drums. When I just starting out, I didn't have a drum set. During the school year, I would stay after school to practice and during the summer, I would walk to school (carrying an arm load of records to learn from) to practice on the school drum set. There needs to be a passion from within.


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