Curriculum: Concepts and Techniques

  Stick Control:
This is the first thing you will be introduced to. Sticking and reading exercises come next. This will be done by reading exercises from my own and 2 other books. The 7 essential rudiments will also be introduced.

Rudiments are the basic skills and drum patterns. The 40 international rudiments will be covered over time. The rudiments are essential to make all the drumbeats you learn come to life and more understandable. Rudiments are also essential for marching band.

Drum Beats:
A basic drum beat package will be introduced. This will get the student excited and energized. After that more complex drumbeats involving independence and syncopation will be introduced. Styles covered are Rock, Funk, Jazz, Fusion, and Afro-Cuban. I also use a drum machine to teach a wide array of drum grooves with over 400 grooves to work from.

Drum Set Performance and Playing Songs:
If you can't play a song, all this technique and reading is for nothing. I will take you through several songs and will help you perform them properly and professionally. This will prepare you to play with a band or school band. Bringing in your own songs to is also welcomed. A yearly drum recital is also run in March. All students will have a chance to play with a professional live band. If you desire to play praise and worship, you will be coached and instructed how to function and play on a worship team.

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